Butterfly Bottle

$ 12.00 $ 9.00

Water is always crisper in a sparkling glass bottle. This gorgeous bottle is hand etched with the image of a butterfly. Tall and sleek, it's perfect for a busy day on the go and it's sturdy enough for daily use. The bottle features a small round opening, which makes for easy sipping. The plastic lid is liquid proof, resealable and prevents spills. The artisan cleverly made use of recycled glass bottles making these bottles an eco-friendly choice!

  • Can double as a vase
  • Etchings will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of these bottles
  • Bottle is dishwasher safe (hand wash lid)
  • Small: 12.8 fl. oz, 9" x 2" (mouth opening 1")
  • Large: 27.1 fl. oz, 12" x 3" (mouth opening 1.5") 

Handmade in Washington


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