Rosemary Salt Soap

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There’s nothing like a rich silky lather and the aromatic magic of rosemary and clary sage to invigorate the senses. Not only is this soap mind cleansing, but the Pacific sea salt and pink kaolin aid in healing and detoxifying the skin. The abundance of organic coconut oil mixed with vitamin-rich local California olive oil provides ample nourishment for skin. The scent is fresh and subtly herbaceous. This soap is completely handcrafted and cold processed. Please note salt bars are harder, heavier bars of soap but cleanse just like a regular soap bar.

4.5 oz

  • Full list of ingredients: pacific sea salt, organic coconut oil, local California olive oil, organic palm oil, castor oil, rosemary essential oil, organic clary sage essential oil, pink kaolin, water
Handmade in California