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naturally scented


Our Natural Creations


Close your eyes as you lie under a blanket of stars. The full moon illuminates the soft moss beneath your head. As you inhale you feel at peace and fulfilled. Lunar is a relaxing blend of calming lavender, restoring camphor wood and grounding balsam fir.



The summer sunshine warms your cheeks. The desert sand beneath your feet shifts as you move toward the painted canyons in the distance. You inhale and your spirit is renewed and energized. Solar is an uplifting blend of energizing tangerine, sweet grapefruit and spiritual palo santo.

Natural Ingredients

We use a 100% plant based soy coconut blend for our wax and only scent our products using essential oils. No synthetic fragrances are ever used.

Scents Inspired by Nature

Each scent has been created to evoke a feeling of nature  inside your home. The collection of scents were inspired by scenes of nature that awake the senses.

Small Batches Made by Hand

Every candle and spray is handcrafted in small batches in New York. Each detail has been handpicked, from the reusable glass jars and cotton bags to the natural ingredients in each spray and candle.

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