The most commonly asked questions we get about our candles and sprays

What makes our candles natural?

Our candles are made using natural wax, a plant based blend of coconut and soy, instead of the traditional paraffin wax. We also craft our scents naturally using essential oils instead of the traditional synthetic fragrance oil. 

How strong is a natural candle?

You might notice that a natural candle gives a different scent throw than a traditional synthetic fragranced candle. One of the reasons we began making natural candles is because synthetically scented candles gave off a scent that was too cloying and often led to headaches. Natural candles create a more subtle scent. Therefore they do best burning in smaller spaces like a bedroom or bathroom. If you choose to burn a natural candle in a larger room you may notice you get a whiff of the scent each time you walk near it, but it will not overpower the entire room.

How do I get the most out of my natural candle?

When you go to burn your candle for the first time make sure the hot wax reaches the outer edges of the jar. Candles have a "memory" so if you only let your candle burn for a short period of time on the first burn, the wax will remain in the middle and each consecutive burn will follow the path that the original pool created. This is what is called tunneling. Next, you want to make sure the wick is always trimmed to 1/4" before each burn. When you're not burning your candle you can use your wooden lid to keep dust from falling onto the wax. We also recommend getting a candle snuffer to extinguish your candle as it keeps your wick and wax cleaner than blowing it out.

What can I use the sprays for?

The sprays can be used for almost anything! Mist your linens to refresh them (we especially love a spritz of Lunar Spray on bed linens before bed each night). Use them to freshen a room that's feeling a little stale. You can even mist yourself for a boost of fragrance. We do recommend those with sensitive skin avoid spraying their skin. Please also note that sprays with citrus oils (Spiced Spray) have a slight orange hue due to the natural citrus oils so please be careful spraying any white or light fabric and perform a test spray on a small patch before spraying an entire area.


Any other questions? Reach out to us at contact@flyawaybluejay.com