Our Story

Scent has the power to transform your environment and your mood.

From a young age I had a collection of perfumes and candles that I had purchased or been gifted during special occasions or trips. I loved that each spray of perfume or burn of a candle instantly brought me right back to the moment I first inhaled the scent. However, every time I filled a room with these scents I would have sneezing fits and my allergies would act up. After research, I uncovered that not only was the type of wax in candles important for a clean burn (I had already switched over to only burning soy wax candles), but the actual fragrances were crucial in creating a clean burning scent. I discovered many of the candles I loved were created with synthetic fragrances that contained some nasty chemicals.

To continue my passion for a beautifully scented home, I started creating my own line of naturally scented products. The candles are made with a completely plant based wax, which is a combination of coconut and soy wax. Both the candles and sprays are scented only with essential oils. Generally, when you're smelling a beautifully sweet grapefruit candle of fragrance oils you are inhaling chemicals that are mimicking the scent of grapefruit, but with essential oils you are actually inhaling genuine grapefruit. I have been making naturally scented candles and sprays for over three years now and they have helped transform my home, as well as those of my customers, into spaces that not only smell beautiful, but smell naturally beautiful!


Owner and Founder


We keep our ingredients natural so that the scents you surround yourself with are derived directly from nature.


Every one of our products is made in small batches by hand in New York.