Artisan Spotlight: Lee Coren

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As FlyAway BlueJay has continued to change and evolve, we have become more focused on sustainable and earth friendly designs. Our newest addition to FlyAway is Lee Coren's line of eco and animal friendly clutches and pouches. We spoke with Lee, the founder and designer of these amazing bags to hear her story. 

Lee Coren Vegan White Clutch

When did you first start creating and designing handmade goods? 
Lee: I graduated in Visual Communications from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design about 4 years ago with a tingle in my fingers for textile design. Until then, it was a field I had very little experience in. After graduating, I started taking different courses to expand my knowledge and fell in love with traditional and modern printing techniques, and the combination of the two. It wasn't long after that I realized this is where my heart is.

Lee Coren Vegan Blue Clutch

Today, my designs are the result of a process of graphic design – collecting visuals (photographs I take), deconstructing them (drawing out the elements I am fascinated with) and reassembling the parts into a new visual element and finally, transforming it into a pattern and a refined fashion accessory, built to last but never boring.

Lee Coren Vegan Stone Clutch

What is your creative process when you’re trying to create a new product?
Lee: The stories build backwards. It usually starts with an abstract idea of textures and colors and only later evolves into materials and patterns. The shape of the product is usually one of the final stages. 
Lee Coren Vegan White Envelope Bag

Any other interesting facts or stories you’d like to share? 
"We must continue to be curious" -Tamar Many (designer, mentor and good friend)

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