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We love nothing more than a relaxing night in with a glass of wine and a soothing face mask. Some of the most common types of face masks are made with clay. Ever wonder what that clay is actually doing to improve your skin? Clay has a number of beauty benefits and each type of clay can help in different ways. 

Face Mask


Bentonite clay is one of the most common types used in face masks. It easily absorbs impurities, which makes it perfect for those of us who are prone to acne. When skin creates an excess of sebum and does not receive a proper amount of exfoliation resulting in the built up dead skin cells, blemishes are created. Bentonite clay pulls excess sebum and dead skin cells away from your skin leaving you with a clean and healthy face. You can find bentonite clay in our handmade Seaweed and Clay Face Mask.

 Seaweed and Clay Face Mask


Cambrian Blue Clay is a rarer type of mineral rich clay and is found in Siberian Lakes. This clay draws out impurities, but also helps maintain moisture by hydrating skin. You can find this clay in our Blue Clay Mask.

 Blue Clay Face Mask


French Pink Clay is high in iron and silica, which make it the perfect clay to aid in cell rejuvenation. This type of clay is the best for exfoliation and regenerating skin. You can find it in our Pink Clay Mask.  


Pink Clay Face Mask


French Green Clay is similar to Bentonite clay in that it helps absorb excess oils and exfoliates dead skin cells. This clay gets its green color from plant materials and oxidized iron present in the clay, which add to it's healing properties. You can find this clay in our Green Glow Mask


Green Glow Face Mask


White Kaolin Clay is the gentlest form of clay. This type is perfect for sensitive skin. Instead of the more intense exfoliation that other forms of clay provide, kaolin clay gently softens skin. This clay can be found in both the Blue Clay Mask and the Pink Clay Mask.

In order to have the most beneficial face mask make sure you choose one with a clay that matches the needs of your unique skin! 






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