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We're always in the process of bettering our skincare routine. This means making sure everything we use is natural and free of harmful chemicals, but it also means that we are frequently swapping out products for ones that deliver better results. Moisturizers are an important part of any routine. When skin gets too dry it overcompensates by producing extra sebum, which can clog pores and lead to acne. Using moisturizer combats this and keeps your skin supple and healthy. However, many moisturizers include emulsifying ingredients and water, leading to a low percentage of active natural ingredients. Facial oils don't use fillers and bring you the most effective, potent ingredients directly.

Facial Oils

We offer three highly concentrated facial oils for each type of skin.

Lapis Oil works wonders on acne prone and combination to oily skin. 

Lapis Facial Oil

Orchid Oil absorbs easily into the skin and boosts hydration for dry skin. 

Orchid Facial Oil

Phoenix Oil helps the skin regenerate with the help of CoQ10 and is perfect for mature skin. 

Phoenix Facial Oil

Update your daily moisturizer to a facial oil and see the results for yourself! 


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