DIY: Doormat

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First impressions are vital! What's the first thing your guests see when they come over? What if you had a quirky doormat welcoming them into your house? And what if you could tell them that you MADE that doormat? We created a DIY to help you create your own welcome mat and to wow your guests.

What you'll need:

Natural colored doormat

Black spray paint

White spray paint and/or acrylic paint and roller

Cut out letters

Push pins 

Step One: Find a well ventilated area to spray paint in. Tape down newspapers or any recycled paper you have around the house to protect your surface. 

Step Two: Using the black spray paint cover the entire surface of the mat.

Step Three: Place the cut out letters on the mat and use push pins to keep them from moving. 

Step Four: Using white spray paint and/or acrylic paint and a roller cover over the mat and letters. This took us multiple coats so take your time and let each coat dry fully before moving onto the next. 

Now get ready to smile every time you come home! 

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