DIY: Rustic Halloween Spider

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We love Halloween, but we understand sometimes the decorations can go overboard with bright orange everywhere and tacky ghoulish pumpkin grins. We created a super simple decorative piece for any mantle or wall. This little spider adds a rustic touch and helps bring that fall feeling home. 


What you'll need: 




Hot Glue (optional) 


Step 1: Cut four pieces of twine into equal lengths (roughly 5"). 


Step 2: Use a separate piece of twine to tie a knot in the center of the pieces you just cut. These will become your spider's legs.


Step 3: Now, start wrapping twine around the center of the legs. This will create the belly of the spider. 



Step 4: Tie a knot with the piece of twine around the belly. Now tie that same string to your branch. 


Step 5: Tie rope around each end of the branch to create a hanger. Use hot glue as needed to keep the rope in place. 

Go ahead and add more than one spider of different sizes! Let us know how it turns out! 

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