DIY: Pumpkin Decorating

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Halloween is so close! We wanted to come up with a new way to decorate pumpkins sans carving. This year we're going to avoid the messy explosion of pumpkin bits. With just a little white paint and some henna we created festive pumpkins that break the mold.

What you'll need: 



White Paint

Paint brush

Step One: We chose to do stripes on our larger pumpkin. Paint a solid color along the striped ribs of the pumpkin.

Step Two: Skipping every other rib of the pumpkin, finish painting stripes all around. You will need to do a second coat of paint to keep the orange from peeking through. 

Step Three: For our smaller pumpkin we chose to do a henna pattern with a little bit of paint. We started by painting a solid stripe right around the center of the pumpkin. This will also need a second coat of paint. 

Step Four: Now comes the henna! This is going to be different for everyone. For each layer we chose a pattern and continued it around the top of the pumpkin. We started with half circles, triangles and lines. 

Step five: Continue the henna pattern until you reach the white paint. 

Step 6: Now use the painted line as a mirror and repeat the pattern below the line.

Now decorate! 

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