DIY: Keepsake Magnets

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Summer is the time for exploration! Whether you're about to embark on a week long international excursion or spend the weekend at a nearby beach, you're bound to make amazing sunshine-filled memories! If you're like us you collect small souvenirs along your journeys. Maybe you found a beautiful pink shell in the shallows of the ocean or a foreign coin was left in your pocket after a day of shopping. These little trinkets make wonderful souvenirs of your summer days. However, we've noticed they definitely start to pile up after a few years of exploring! We created this super simple DIY to give your mementos a new life! 

All you need are magnets, glue and your trinkets. Make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold your keepsakes without falling off the fridge! 

Keepsake Magnets First Step

Simply glue each small souvenir onto a magnet. Let it fully dry. For things like shells that have a concave shape you will need a larger amount of glue.

Keepsake Magnets

Now you can decorate your fridge with all of your memories! 

Keepsake Magnets

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