DIY: Travel Bottles

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Lets go on a trip! In the excitement that comes before an adventure out of town, the dreaded packing task can bring you down. Keep your travel enthusiasm high with our simple to master DIY!

Instead of running to the store to choose between only two brands of travel size toiletries, why not use your own? We know from experience that sometimes your own trusted, very specific, tailored to your own hair, shampoo is your safest bet. Plus, these reusable bottles can still be used while you aren't traveling. Put them in a guest bathroom to give your guests a spa like experience!

DIY Travel Bottles

What you'll need:

Reusable Bottles (can be found at your local craft store or online)

Waterproof Letters (vinyl works well)

Painter's tape

DIY Travel Bottles

Step One: Using the painter's tape create a ring around each bottle. This will help ensure that your letters are placed in a straight line.

 DIY Travel Bottles

Step Two: Carefully place each letter along the tape.  

 DIY Travel Bottles

And voila! You're all done! Now fill up the bottles and get ready for your trip!

Bonus Tip: If you prefer using bar soap over body wash, our sample soaps make a great addition to these bottles.

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