DIY: Pressed Flower Frame

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Creating cheery spring art for your walls with pressed flowers is easier than you think! We put together a simple DIY to show you just how simple it really is!



What you'll need: 
Tissue paper
Heavy book
Fresh flowers
Glass picture frame



Step One: Cut fresh flowers and place them in a folded piece of paper. Place this paper carefully in between folded tissue paper. The tissue paper helps to soak up any excess moisture from the flowers so that it doesn't damage your book. Place the flower and paper into a heavy book and let them sit for 5-7 days. 



Step Two: Once your flowers have been fully pressed, it's time to prep your frame! We cut a 5" x 7" piece of paper to use as the backing of our picture.




Step Three: Place the paper onto the glass backing. Arrange the pressed flowers on the paper and add a dab of glue at the bottom of each flower to keep it in place. Add the front piece of glass and you're done! 


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