DIY: Festival Headband

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If you've been on Instagram lately you know it's festival season. It's almost impossible to escape the images of women dancing in cut off shorts and crochet tops. Whether you're lucky enough to score those coveted festival tickets or you're listening to your own "festival" music in the comfort of your home, its hard not to love that free-spirited flower loving lifestyle. We created a simple DIY so that you can feel festival ready wherever you're going!  

What you'll need:


Artificial flowers

Hot Glue

Step One: Using a piece of jute, measure your head and cut the jute into the appropriate size. This will make sure that your headband fits perfectly! Next, cut three pieces of jute that are each twice as long as the measuring piece. 

Step Two: Tie a knot in the three pieces of jute. Use something heavy to hold them in place and begin braiding. 

Step Three: Continue braiding until the braid matches the length of your measuring jute. Tie a knot at the end when you're finished. 

Step Four: Cut the jute right before each knot. 

Step Five: Using hot glue, attach the two ends. Don't worry if it's a little messy because you'll cover it up with flowers later. 

Step Six. Grab your artificial flowers and pop the top portion off. This should leave a tiny plastic stem attached to the flower. 

Step Seven: Alternating between colors, place the flowers within the braids of the jute. Use hot glue on the stem to keep the flowers in place. 

Now you have a festival ready accessory for any time you feel like adding flowers to your outfit! 

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