DIY: Fresh Kitchen Herbs

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You can't beat having fresh herbs in your kitchen. Not only will their flavors add pop to any home cooked meal, but they will enliven your kitchen as they grow. It's easy to create your own personal herb garden that will add personality to your kitchen and zest to your cooking.


You'll need:

mason jars

rich soil


acrylic paint

planted herbs or herb seeds



Step 1:

Use the acrylic paint to write your herbs' names on each label. We used a bright green paint to create a vibrant, natural character.  You can find label stickers like the ones we used in any craft store, or even paint directly onto the jar. 


Step 2: This is your chance to really get creative! We painted the bottom of each jar in the same bright green as our labels. It took three coats before we were satisfied with the coverage of the paint. The photo above was taken after only the first coat of paint. Use painter's tape to define the edge of your colored section, or paint without borders for a more organic vibe.


Step 3: Add the soil. If your herbs have already grown into small plants make sure that you don't put too much soil in the mason jars. When you transfer your plants they will bring with them plenty of their own soil. If you are using seeds fill the mason jars up to just below the rim. 


Step 4: Add your plants or seeds. Make sure not to pack the soil to tightly. Herbs need access to air in the soil. 


Step 5: Add your newly customized labels to the jars.


Make sure to give your herbs a tiny bit of water and keep them near a bright window. Now whenever you cook you'll have access to the freshest and most adorable ingredients! 





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