Artisan Spotlight: Herbivore Botanicals

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Herbivore Botanicals has long been a go-to beauty brand for us. Their products only use functional ingredients without any unnecessary fillers. This means that every mask, oil, spray and soap is made with 100% active ingredients, each included for a very specific reason. No animal ingredients are ever used and their products are never tested on animals. On top of that, every ingredient is 100% natural. With an attention to detail like this, it's no surprise Herbivore Botanicals creates products that make a lasting difference in your skincare routine. 

Herbivore Botanicals was founded in Seattle by Julia Wills and Alex Kummerow in their own kitchen. After learning of the many chemicals and fillers in commercial soaps, they sought to create their own using only natural ingredients. Julia and Alex began experimenting with soap recipes and created every piece by hand. Today Herbivore Botanicals has grown into a brand recognized for outstanding skincare and still carefully creates every product by hand. 


These are our personal favorites from Herbivore Botanicals:

Activate Charcoal Mask:

The activated charcoal in this mask gently draws out impurities and toxins in your pores. Tourmaline, another key ingredient, improves circulation and helps to smooth the skin. We love using this to detox our skin after a stressful day. The clean sensation that your face feels after 10 minutes with this mask on is simply superb!

Lip Butters:

We love the shea butter and vitamin e in these lip moisturizers. They help lock in moisture and keep your lips soft throughout the day. Unlike lip moisturizers from most other companies there are no artificial fragrances. Instead, Herbivore Botanicals uses essential oils for a natural but luxurious scent. We also love the size of these lip butters. They last way longer than a small tube of chapstick! 

Cambrian Blue Clay Soap

Cambrian blue clay dates back over 300 million years. It is used as a drawing agent and its high mineral content helps to clear out pores. We love using this soap to beat the summer heat. After a sweaty summer day, a quick wash with this will give your face a fresh clean slate. 


What are your favorite products from Herbivore Botanicals and why? Let us know in the comment section below!

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