DIY: Rustic Wind Chimes

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The quiet jingling of a wind chime in the distance can bring you instant summery pleasure. As the summer comes to a close we find ourselves trying desperately to make it last. What better way to keep summer in the air than a rustic wind chime for your front yard? 


What you'll need: 

Jute ribbon

8 Washers

8 Nails



Ventilation duct ring (found at hardware stores) 

Hot glue gun



Step 1:

Loop twine around a washer at least three times.

Step 2: 

Tie the twine to the ventilation ring.


Step 3: Repeat the first two steps for each of the washers. Do this step slowly and make sure that the washers are all at roughly the same length. If they vary too much you won't hear that lovely clinking when the wind blows! After the washers are attached to the ventilation ring cut the excess twine from the washers.


Step 4: Dab some hot glue on the knots you created. This will keep the twine from fraying.


Step 5: Grab some more twine and tie a knot around each of the nails. Then take the twine and attach it to the washers. Again, be careful to keep the nails at roughly the same length. 


Step 6: Use rope to tie two knots on the ventilation ring. This will create a rustic hanger for the wind chime. 


Step 7: 

Wrap jute ribbon around the ventilation ring. This will keep each of the twine pieces in place and cover up the knots on the rope. 


Step 8: Dab some more hot glue where the rope knot meets the jute ribbon. This will give your wind chime extra strength. Also, make sure to glue the knots you tied around the nails. 


Now you have a cute rustic wind chime to keep summer around as we transition into fall! 

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