Artisan Spotlight: Jen E Ceramics

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Jen Kuroki, founder of Jen E Ceramics, began her life of artistic creation through painting, drawing and graphic design. At first she was hesitant to work in clay because it differed so much from what she knew, but while in college at UCLA she began experimenting with ceramics and what resulted was magic! 

Jen spent 3 years living in Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan. There she studied under two master potters and began to develop her own style. She created objects that combined her love for shibui, a Japanese aesthetic of subtle and balanced beauty, with her admiration of bright California ceramics, which she was surrounded by as a child. 

It has been 15 years since Jen first started her journey into ceramics. Her style has become truly unique and merges her life experiences. Jen wants her pieces to be viewed, felt and experienced instead of put away in a cupboard. This is easy to see with her Waves Cup. The indented ticks not only look beautiful, but they create an intriguing and calming grip for your hand. It practically begs to be picked up!

Functionality is also crucial to Jen. She wants her products to not only be beautiful, but to be useful in your daily life. Her Polka Dot Planter looks whimsical, but also creates the perfect spot to house some greenery. Jen makes pieces that make her smile and she hopes they'll make you smile too. We couldn't agree more!


Today, Jen works in her studio in LA experimenting and creating with new shapes and forms. We're excited to see what's next on the horizon for Jen E Ceramics! 

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