DIY: Pencil Cup

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Happy September everyone! With the beginning of this month comes the back to school flurry. Soon there will be binders and pencils strewn around haphazardly as concentration turns to school. What better way to organize supplies than with a handmade pencil cup?!


What you'll need:




Hot glue


Step 1: Take the empty can and peel the label off. Use your hot glue gun to attach your chosen yarn at the base of the can. Wrap the yarn around the can until you reach roughly halfway up the can. As you work your way up the can dab hot glue every four inches. This will keep the yarn from slipping around on the smooth metal can. 


Step 2: Cut the yarn and dab hot glue on the end to keep the yarn from fraying. Start wrapping the twine around starting in the spot where the yarn ended. 


Step 3: Cut the twine and begin wrapping with the twine once again. Do this until reaching approximately the last quarter of the can. 


Step 4: Use twine to finish wrapping the can. Now your can has transformed into a useful and adorable pencil cup! We filled ours up with a set of Social Goods Pencils! 


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