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This week we're excited to announce a new artisan: Little Korboose! This brand of eco friendly home goods incorporates a playful style into it's minimalist structured design. Each piece is handmade in Ohio by founder and creative director April Nemeth and her team. We spoke with April to get the inside scoop!

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What made it special?

April: I grew up in a neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. I have many memories of going to the lake and parks with my mom when I was young and staying there until the sun set. Growing up in Ohio is pretty magical...with Lake Erie being so close. Also we have all of the seasons! The landscape is so beautiful and lush in the summer and watching the leaves change throughout fall is just epic. Winter can be very beautiful as well with snow caked on the tree branches like powdered sugar. I still live in Ohio today and love it. Being raised by my parents who are huge supporters of art was also magical. My mom and I used to draw portraits of each other and we would work on various other projects such as paint splattering our living room lamps ;) she really taught me what it means to be an artist and an entrepreneur.

When did you first start creating handmade goods?

April: Since forever. I would sit with my mom while she sold her items at craft fairs and produce friendship bracelets and custom hair clips that I could later sell :) but if you're asking about Little Korboose, I established the company in 2008. 

What drew you to “your craft”? What do you enjoy most about it?

April: I have always been in love with the printing process and was really interested in learning how to screen print around 2008. I enjoy that it feels like art...I can get my hands dirty. Design is a bit more technical and I love that too, but art is a bit more hands on. I'm extremely passionate about overall wellness in life so pairing my love for screen printing with eco friendly home goods was the perfect fit. I also like to "nest" meaning I love to decorate my own home and make it comfortable, calming and my sanctuary. So starting my own home goods company was very natural.

What is your creative process when you’re trying to create a new product?

April: Think for months. Most of the work is done in my head first. Sketch. Draw. Prototype with my team repeatedly. Finalize. Promote. Sell.

How did you come up with your company's name?

April: It is a play off one of favorite modern architect's names:  Le Corbusier.

Any other interesting facts or stories you’d like to share?

April: If you're interested in following along the best place to find us is on Instagram @littlekorboose. We document quite a bit! I studied photography (along with design) in college and have gotten really into the photography piece over the last 5 years. I have been experimenting with different cameras, etc. and have been doing a few personal projects that I post over on Twitter (same handle) if interested as well! Other than that...I'm a bit of a hippy...ask me anything in the comments and I will answer. :) ✌️


We're so excited to have Little Korboose join our collection of home goods here at Flyaway Bluejay!

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