DIY: Snowflake Ornament

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The holidays are a time for family traditions. Start a new tradition this year with our handmade snowflake ornaments. They're perfect for your brightening your tree, decorating a wall, or dressing up a doorknob. You probably already have most of the supplies in your house!

What you'll need: 

Wide popsicle sticks

Thin posicle sticks



Hot glue

Step One: Paint three thin popsicle sticks and lay them flat to dry.

Step Two: While the thin popsicle sticks are drying, glue three wide popsicle sticks together in the below shape. 

Step Three: Tie wire around the top popsicle stick.

Step Four: Once the thin popsicle sticks have dried, glue them to the wide popsicle sticks so that they are evenly spaced.

Now decorate that tree, wall or doorknob!

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