DIY: Mason Jar Snow Globe

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It's almost Christmas and we can feel the excitement in the air! This time of year gets pretty hectic and its always nice to take a moment to slow down and create something.

The mason jar has stuck around as a staple in rustic chic decor and we took advantage of it's air tight abilities to create a simple snow globe. These make the perfect decorations for a mantle or a cute gift for a friend.

What you'll need: 

Mason jars

Waterproof glue

Bottle brush trees


Baby oil or glycerin (optional)

Step One: Glue a tree on the interior side of the mason jar lid. Make sure to let it fully dry. 

Step Two: Add glitter into a mason jar. You only need to cover the bottom of the jar in glitter. Also beware that glitter makes a mess :)

Step Three: Fill up the mason jar with water. Remember to leave space because of the displacement of water when you add the tree. To make the glitter fall at a slower pace you can add a few drops of glycerin or baby oil. Do not add more than two drops or else you will end up with oil blobs floating in your snow globe!

Step Four: Add the tree and tightly screw on the lid. Make sure it's as tight as possible so no water leaks out!

Experiment with different sized mason jars to create a full forest of snow globes! 


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