DIY: Necklace Hanger

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One of our New Year resolutions was to get organized. Looking at our usually messy jewelry boxes gave us the idea to create a necklace organizer out of a simple metal clothing hanger. You probably already have a bunch of these hangers in your closet right now, so let's put them to use!

What you'll need: 

Metal hanger



Wire cutters

Step One: Cut eight wire section of 12" and fold them in half. Begin twisting the wire at the folded end. 

Step Two: Fold the wire in half again and twist again. This will create a sturdy piece for the necklace hooks.

Step Three: Using the wire cutters, carefully wrap one end of the wire fully around the hanger and create a hook in the other end. Continue this with each of your eight wire pieces. Make sure to evenly space them to keep your necklaces from getting tangled. 

Step Four: Wrap your ribbon or cloth around the hanger beginning near the neck of the hanger. 

Step Five: Continue to wrap the ribbon in and out of each metal hook to cover up the metal wire. Once you circle back to the neck area, create a knot by tucking the starting end of the ribbon under the ending side. If needed you can add a dab of hot glue to keep it in place. Then hang up your necklaces!

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