DIY: Painted Cork Boards

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Confession: our office is always a tiny bit messy. It's hard to organize a place with so many things going on all the time. One thing in particular that's been bugging us is having notes and inspirational pieces that we've saved waste away in a pile of disheveled papers. Luckily, we came up with a solution! Cork boards! Follow along for an easy tutorial to create three unique cork boards that will help organize all of your notes.

What you'll need:

Square corkboards

Spray paint

Painter's tape





Step One: Measure 4" from each corner and make a mark with a pencil. 

Step Two: Connect those marks to create an octagon.

Step Three: Use a boxcutter to cut off the edges marked out by your pencil line.

Step Four: Now it's time to mark off the edges that you will paint. Using a ruler, measure out 1" from each corner and make a mark. These will be your guide for placing the painter's tape. 

Step Five: Spray paint the area you marked out. If you want only the edges painted make sure you cover the rest of the board in painter's tape. We liked the subtle ombre that was created when we left the center uncovered. It took three coats to get the edge saturated with paint. Now let the board dry fully before removing the painter's tape.

Step Six: Using hot glue, attach the string to the top two side edges. You can use a pin to give the string a little more strength if you plan on putting a lot of things on your cork board.

Step Seven: Now hang up and enjoy! We repeated steps 1-3 to create two other boards. One we left blank and the other we painted fully white. Try out other designs and put your own spin on it!


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