DIY: Valentine Vase

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For the second part of our Valentine's decor DIYs we created a unique vase to display fresh flowers. Whether you'll be receiving a dozen roses or you're gifting yourself with a beautiful bouquet, this heart festooned vase will bring some love into your home.
What you'll need:
Glass vase
Frosted glass spray paint
Contact paper
Painter's tape
Heart hole-punch
Step One: Using the heart hole-punch, create small hearts from the contact paper. These will be used to stencil heart shapes on the vase when you spray paint it.
Step Two: Use the painter's tape to sections off areas of the glass vase. We wanted to do two frosted sections, one thin and one wide. Feel free to get creative here!
Step Three: Stick the heart cutouts on the vase in between the tape. Make sure to evenly space the hearts so they don't appear lopsided.
Step Four: Spray paint the vase evenly. Let the paint dry fully before removing the tape and hearts. Keep the spray paint at least 10 inches from the vase and make sure not to overdo the coating. 
Now your vase is ready for you to add some water and flowers!

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