DIY: Valentine Arrows

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We don't usually decorate much for Valentine's Day, but seeing the occasional hearts and flowers in stores and restaurants around this time always make us smile. We decided that a few DIY's were the perfect way to create some Valentine's decor. First up are these adorable felt arrows! They look cute on a side table or shelf or can also hang on a wall or door knob. Check back next week for our other Valentine's DIY!

What you'll need: 



Hot glue

String (optional)

Step One: Fold over a piece of felt and cut the tip off two sides. This way each side of the arrow will match.

Step Two: Repeat step one on each piece of felt.

Step Three: Fold the cut piece of felt over 2.5" and cut out a chevron shape.

Step Four: Repeat this on each color of felt. 

Step Five: Cut small triangles into the side of each chevron. This will give them a textured feather look.

 Step Six: Glue the triangles onto the front of the dowels and the chevrons onto the back.

Step Seven: If you want add some string so you can hang these guys up! Otherwise have fun finding places to display them!

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