DIY: Painted Keys

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Is it just us or is it impossible to tell your keys apart sometimes? When you get home late from work and it's dark out, trying to get in the door with groceries in hand can make key fumbling a real possibility. We came up with a quick DIY to help you identify your keys. As a bonus it's super cute! 

What you'll need:


Nail polish


Step One: Use two pieces of tape to create a triangle on the first key.

Step Two: Paint the triangle with your first nail polish color. We chose pink!

Step Three: Use tape to create a straight line on your other two keys.

Step Four: Use your other two nail polish colors to paint these keys. Make sure to let everything dry fully before removing the tape. Some colors might require a few extra coats (our white and pink both needed two coats to make the colors really pop!) Feel free to get creative with designs and colors!

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