Artisan Spotlight: Concrete Geometric

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We were so excited when we discovered the work of Concrete Geometric. A truly minimal and beautifully designed line of planters and votives, this brand adds a touch of industrial chic to any space. We spoke with owner and designer Krizia Flores who told us about the beginnings of this inspiring brand. 

Tell us a little about where you grew up. What made it special?

Krizia: I grew up in the San Fernando Valley about 30 minutes north of LA. I'm more on the east side near the mountains so lots of hiking and horses are near my home. It's really quiet except for the some of the roosters in the mornings.

When did you first start creating handmade goods?

Krizia: I started creating my pieces about 2 years ago, in my back yard.

What drew you to “your craft”? What do you enjoy most about it?

Krizia: I've always been inspired by minimal work. I started Concrete Geometric because I was in need of product to shoot for my personal photography business. While I dont enjoy the production part of it because I'm always filled with dust I do enjoy the social media part of it where I've met and worked with some incredible people in just the two years.

What is your creative process when you’re trying to create a new product?

Krizia: I sit and sketch an idea, then I bring it to my boyfriend and ask if he would buy that for himself or a friend. Then we both go over a few things to adjust the final piece.

Any other interesting facts or stories you’d like to share?

Krizia: When I started CG I was working a full time job for a motion picture company and freelancing photo, I slept almost never and sometimes I would have stress meltdowns. I was able to quit my job recently to pursue CG full time. I've been able to create so much more with free time and catch up on a feww zzz's I was missing.

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