DIY: Chandelier

Need a more interesting way to display flowers? We've got you covered! We created this simple chandelier to hang small flower buds. Perfect over a large dining table or in a small nook, this chandelier will bring a bit of floral cheer to your home.

What you'll need:

A metal "N" or "Z" letter shape (which can be found at any Michaels or similar craft store)

Copper wire

Test tubes or small glass bottles

Wire cutters

Step One: Measure out four strands of copper wire. Ours were roughly 32 inches long. Wrap the wire around the letter. Repeat for each piece of wire, with one wire strand for each bend in the shape and one at each end.

Step Two: Wrap the ends of the wire around the test tube/glass vases. You could do either one or two glass bottles on each wire. We chose to do two!

Step Three: Cut a fifth piece of wire to use as your hanger. Attach each end to the shape so you can suspend the chandelier. Add flowers and fresh cut buds! 


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